Post Tramatic Stress Therapy

Post traumatic stress therapy is real need for many people in our community.  PTSD is a real affliction that needs to be treated as it is not something that will go away on its own. Post traumatic stress disorder has been recognized formally as a diagnosis just since 1980 however is symptoms have been documented [...]

Post Traumatic Disorder Therapy

There are a large number of people who suffer from PTSD.  PTSD can be triggered by trauma or any extremely frightening experience.  Some of these can be from a car accident, a sexual assault, robbery, or even a fight.  Most instances of PTSD are triggered from events that are violent in nature. One of the [...]

Post Trauma Therapy

Post Trauma Therapy Many people do not assume that they might need the assistance of a post trauma therapy. Symptoms that suggest they need help often do not appear at first.  When they do the individual may be surprised. A while after the traumatic event one might find themselves in need of professional help due [...]


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